Weekly Themes 2018

Week 1: For Love of the Written Word (June 23 - June 30)

Week 2: American Identity (June 30 - July 7)

Week 3: The Art of the Play (July 7 - July 14)

Week 4: Russia and the West (July 14 - July 21)

Week 5: The Ethics of Dissent (July 21 - July 28)

Week 6: The Changing Nature of Work (July 28 - August 4)

Week 7: The Arts and Global Understanding: A Week Featuring the Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma (August 4 - August 11)

Week 8: The Forgotten: History and Memory in the 21st Century (August 11 - August 18)

Week 9: The Impact of Cinema: Storytelling and Social Change    A Chautauqua Film Festival (August 18 - August 26)

Nightly Reservations 

We are now taking nightly reservations!  Please note that an "X" on the table denotes that the entire week, Saturday-Saturday is booked.  The lack of an "X" does  not necessarily mean that the entire week is available.  Please inquire with your dates!

                   Save 10%!!

Reservations of 5 weeks or more are eligible for a 10% discount!  This could be one room for 5 weeks OR 5 different rooms reserved for 1 week!!


           2018 Reservation Schedule

June 2017 - April 1, 2018: Only week-long, Saturday-Saturday reservations will be taken.

April 1 - May 1: 3-4 night reservations that begin or end on Saturday will be taken along with weekly reservations.
May 1 - End of the Season:  Weekly & Nightly reservations will be taken.

                Payment Schedule

Fall 2017: All reservations made during the summer will be confirmed.
Stays of 2 Weeks or Less:  1/2 Due January 15; 1/2 Due March 15
Stays of 3 Weeks or More: 1/3 Due January 15; 1/3 Due March 15; 1/3 Due June 1

**Reservations made after March 15 will be asked to pay in full upon reservation.**

            Cancellations & Refunds

If the cancellation arrives by March 1st, all deposit minus $30 will be refunded. 

From March 1st to the beginning of the season, the same refund will apply if the Inn is fully rented. (Refunds are made after the departure date.) 

After the season begins, NO refunds will be made. 

I reserve the right to change a reservation to a like room to accommodate a longer term stay. You will be notified before a change is made except for stays of 1 to 4 days. 

Greetings!  Below you will find the tentative reservations already made for the 2018 Season.  An "X" denotes that the room has been reserved.  Feel free to check back or contact me with any inquiries -- schedules can change and I will maintain an active waitlist.   Scroll to the bottom of the page for 2018 Weekly Themes!

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2018 Rentals

(Last Updated 7/18/2018)

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Room 11

Room 12   X
Room 20 X XX X  
Room 21 X   


Room 22 X XXX X
Room 23XXXX X X
Room 24   XX XXX 
Room 36XXX XX
Room 14X X XXXXX 
Room 15XX

Room 16XX  XX
Room 17 XXXX  


Room 25XX X XX
Room 26XX XX X  X
Room 29XXX